A GM-less adventure with map making and world building… create an interesting world as you play.

A character-driven world drawn straight from the imagination of the players with pirates elves goblins love gods of death the first cool thing that jumps into your mind.

Amazing stories guaranteed!

Currently in the late stages of development, Quest is a structured freeform storytelling game where the players collaboratively build a fantasy world on the fly, filled with whatever things you find interesting in an ever more interconnected web of relationships. The stories are generally fast paced tales of adventure as the various characters you create all strive to complete quests, their paths crossing and parting, sometimes amicably, other times not so much.

‘Quest Lite’  is a cut down version suitable for single sessions, such as con games. The full version will be released next year (2013).

The wiki, which includes details of the still in progress setting cards, can be found here.

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